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Everything you need for every at bat. We carry all the top brands like Adams, Adidas, Allstar, Axe, Baden, Demarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Nokona, Wilson, Rawlings and Much More. We strive to offer you the best selection in Rhode island at the lowest prices. We back all our products and we have the in store experts to help you with any baseball questions you may have and to fit you with the proper gear that works best for your budget. When it comes to baseball a lot of how you play is not what equipment you have but how it fits and how comfortable you are with it. For example using a bat that is too long, short, heavy, or light has a huge impact on how you will preform. If your bat is too heavy chances are you will miss a lot of pitches because your bat speed is severely hindered. All this can be avoided by talking to staff to gauge how you feel when a bat is in your hands or how well your cleats fit. Baseball is a game of details and its starts with your equipment. Price isn't the priority with Mannys, it's comfortability and how well somethings suits your needs. We strive to meet your budget and skill level, this means we carry all price ranges from beginner to high end so that there is a bat for everyone.

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